selling well at fairs

Handmade scarfesCraft street are travelling around Yorkshire attending craft fairs and galas. We now know you love our products and buy them. Recently we had to close a hour early as we sold all our stock. We had to work all hours to get enough to sell the next weekend. You like our new fabric and designs so watch out there are more to come.


I studied Bachelor of Education with special work in needlework and craft. My first love is clothes,materials, shoes and fashion, Most products are mass products are mass produced. No care or personality is seem in goods today. After retiring from teaching after 26 years I have time to set up my business with my husband to restore hand crafted quality goods that I an proud of. The fabrics are fresh to market and very different and attractive. My ideas are buzzing all the time for new products. So far everyone have been popular, Tomorrow I will get up already knowing a happy day is ahead because I am working at a job that is my favorite hobby.